Saturday, October 6, 2007



A serial killer cum rapist cum dacoit cum monks killer cum terrorist by the name of Asspidici was caught by four fierce dogs by the name of Uu-an, Uu-ass, Ei-uu, and Ashan and their little lackey Gamgam.

Asspidici knew, under no circumstance he has got no chance to get away this time. In extreme panic, Asspidici looked around and found a stone by the name of Aung San Su Kyi.

Asspidici picked up the stone and threw away; the trick he had used once before when he was known as Salock. The Uu-an, Uu-ass, Ei-uu, Ashan and Gamgam followed the stone instead of attacking Asspidici under the name of national reconciliation.

We the people of Burma, under no circumstance will not accept any national reconciliation process if no public apology to the Monks is made by Asspidici, no reinstatement of disrobed monks into the order, and no measures of bringing fuel and other commodity prices to a reasonable level.

Look, Asspidici is waiting to bark and bite.

The reconciliation between the two persons will only mean reconciliation of the two. There must be true representatives of the people, monks, students, workers and farmers in the national reconciliation process. Then and then only, under the present circumstance, Burma would be genuinely reconciled.

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