Friday, October 5, 2007

There are courageous people inside Burma and beyond the borders who have found ways to get around the military junta's internet shut down. The latest news claims that the internet is back on in Burma. Perhaps the shut down was ineffective and did not succeed in preventing the world community from knowing what is really happening inside the dictatorship:

Ko Htike is a Burmese blogger in London who turned the attention of his literary blog over to news from Burma when the troubles began, and has continued to publish fitful reports and photographs (left) from inside the country since Friday. - a new site run by exiled Burmese journalists - has been quick to publish the latest rumours. At (and its English-language counterpart a live 'chat box' provides rolling links and stories.

None of the latest news coming out of Burma is good. And the country's technologists face the risk of continued persecution even after they stop reporting. But what's certain is that world events will continue to define and reassert the value of citizen journalists. Only time will tell whether their quick and courageous response to the first days of this conflict were enough to avert disaster on a massive scale.


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