Sunday, October 7, 2007

People of all faiths must stand up for the monks of Burma

On Sunday I went to a Burma democracy protest that was held inside the St Mary's Catholic Church in South Brisbane, Australia. But we would have to ask the question that Dr Sean Foley asks in his letter:

Dear Editor,

The agony of the people of Burma, and especially the monks as your

article points out, has been going on for some time - now weeks.

Maybe I have missed it, but then maybe not. I have not read or heard

one syllable of outrage from Christian church leaders in Australia or

anywhere else. They have been absolutely mute - struck dumb!

I have not been aware of 'good Christians' being part of the roar of

protest that has run around the world. Have you published an article

from the Pope or his ecumenical colleagues demanding that the rights and welfare of their fellow clerics - albeit they are Buddhists - be

respected, released and not tortured?

And if these good Samaritans have been somewhat silent about their

fellow clerics, they have been absolutely silent about the suffering of

the people of Burma in the face of endless brutal repression.

Why is it that Christians find it so hard to speak up in the name of

justice, humanity and human freedom?

Kind regards,


Dr Sean Foley

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